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Invited by Gender Action in 2011, an international NGO based in Washington DC, NAWAD helped Gender Action evaluate the effectiveness of the grant awarded by the African Development Bank to strengthen maternal and mental health care within Uganda (Support to Health Sector Strategic Plan Project II – SHSSPP II).    Working in western Uganda, NAWAD carried out field research and along with Gender Action a Report was produced.

In November 2012, NAWAD organized a one day advocacy workshop aimed at empowering women advocates in Mbarara and Kiruhura Districts.  Our report on Banking on Health was launched at this workshop. This full day workshop was well attended and received. While in Mbarara for the workshop a radio talk show was organised and NAWAD got a chance to inform the public about the project and the report finds in particular.

Right to Water and sanitation

NAWAD organized a workshop on the Right to Water and Sanitation in November 2012.  This workshop targeted NGO’s in order to build their understanding of this human right and to begin building a group of interested NGO’s to advocate on this important issue

The workshop produced an agreed upon statement on behalf of all the groups about the Right to Water and Sanitation and action steps needed by the Government of Uganda to advance implementation. We are now moving forward with forming a more formal advocacy group and continuing to raise awareness among policy makers about the issue. On 6th November 2013, a follow up meeting on the right to water and sanitation workshop of 2012 was conducted. The meeting mainly aimed at reviewing the CSO joint statement and to form an alliance in right to water and sanitation. An alliance was formed comprising of;   CSOs, Private sector, Academic institutions, Government, Development partners, Media, Water use committees, V.H.T, Religious institutions, Cultural institutions.

Climate Change Adaptation – 2012

A project entitled “Supporting Grass root Women Initiatives to Climate Change Adaptation in Kashari Dry Corridor-Mbarara District” was implemented in 2012 with support from Global Green Grants.  The main objective of the project was to build the capacity of rural/grass root women in this dry corridor to adapt to the climate change situation in the area by educating them on climate change causes, impacts and adaptation. A two day awareness meeting was organized in Nyabuhama Parish with participants representing 6 targeted villages and more than 120 participants attended the meeting. These 2 day workshops led to the communities creating a community climate change group to work on the issue.  We also installed a total of 4 rain water collection tanks as a pilot adaptation method, one for each of the 4 different households.

Strengthening Women’s efforts in the campaign against agro-fuels in Mukono District

This project aimed at building the capacity of women to campaign against agro fuels and to set up a committee to spear head the campaign. A training workshop was conducted and a committee is now in place and functional. NAWAD also has done a study on the impacts of agro fuels on food security and nutrition, a report is in place and can be accessed on request from NAWAD head Offices. Below are photos during the training in Mukono

Community Dialogues

Uganda Nile Basin Forum (UNBF) – 2011

In 2011 with support from UNDF NAWAD organized a dialogue as one of the workshops on the fifth annual Nile Day in 2011.  The theme was “All Together for Better Cooperation.”  The dialogue targeted women’s and gender-focused civil society organisations.  The discussion increased awareness among these CSOs of the need to promote Nile cooperation and to integrate gender into this cooperation.

Also NAWAD has been able to mobilize women in Sisa Sub-County in Wakiso district into groups. A needs assessment was made and the identified needs included inadequate capacity in Marketing and modern farming, inadequate water, domestic violence, to mention but a few. NAWAD has plans of training these women groups in entrepreneurship skills.  Community Dialogues with women are ongoing. Below are photos of women and some men during our needs assessment in Ssisa sub county Wakiso District.

Development of a Gender Policy – 2010

NAWAD developed a Gender Policy for the Friends of The Earth Africa (FOEA). The policy is meant to provide a framework to guide the identification, formulation, implementation and coordination of all FOEA’s interventions to ensure equal opportunities and benefits to men and women.  It is a guideline for all the Network groups in planning, resource allocation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Networks initiatives as well as management of the network.

American Jewish World Service (AJWS) Volunteer

NAWAD has had 2 volunteers join the staff at NAWAD through AJWS, an international NGO that funds grassroots organisations in developing countries.   The volunteers assisted NAWAD with capacity-building activities.

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