16 days of actvism campaign against GBV in Nwoya

16 Days of Activism campaign against Gender Based Violence in Nwoya District


Our response COVID-19 to enhance safety in Mbarara district


Gender justice is key to corporate accountability. Overwhelming evidence paints at the stark reality of women and girls suffering at the hands of corporations in disproportionate and distinct ways. Still, the gendered nature of corporate abuses remains inviable in public debate and policy-making. Furthermore, Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) who are often on the frontlines of defending their bodies, land and territories in the face of powerful corporation face stigma, discrimination and even death.




Social and Economic Rights

Women are economically unequal to men by virtually every measure. Women are over-represented in precarious, informal and part-time work and are paid significantly less than men, simply because they are women. The gender pay gap continues to exist in every country in the world. Read more

Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Climate Change

As one of the most significant challenges of our time, climate change is responsible for increasing the frequency and intensity of natural disasters, natural resource scarcity, and environmental degradation. Read more

Governance, Peace and Security

Governance, peace and security is only sustainable if women and girls are fully involved because they bring different perspectives and capacities to formation of inclusive governance, conflict prevention and post-conflict reconstruction efforts, and strengthens gender justice, and peace. Read more

Institutional and Organizational Development

It is essential for internal and external development of every institution for it to operate successfully because there are many of them which have totally failed and ceased to work. In avoidance of these situations, NAWAD strengthens its Institutional and Organizational Development by improving; Staff Performance, fundraising and resource mobilization skills and strengthen its internal governance.