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National Association for Women’s Action in Development (NAWAD) is a voluntary non-governmental women’s organization that was initiated by a group of women in 2009 who were inspired by the need to promote gender justice to liberate women and girls from: persistent discrimination, lack of voice and access to and control over productive resources; sexual and gender-based violence; and, the heavy burden of care in their families. Yet women and girls play a critical role in sustaining families and the development of the nation. The organization was legally registered in 2010 with the Ugandan NGO board (INDR83662539NB6). As required by the Laws of Uganda, NAWAD was also registered with the Registrar of Companies — Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) (80020003401241).

NAWAD is committed to promoting a stable and peaceful society where women and girls enjoy equal rights with men and boys in the different spheres of life. The organization focuses on the family and the crucial role women play in their families, communities and the development of Uganda as a nation, while “putting women at the forefront” in all interventions. NAWAD will continue to work towards uplifting the socio-economic status of women and girls at the grassroots in Uganda.

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