MOTHERS AND DIABETES!7th April is world health day and this year the day has been committed to raising awareness about diabetes which is on the increase all over the world. This year’s theme is “Beat Diabetes”
The burden of diabetes on women is unique and hard because the disease can affect both mothers and their unborn children.

Diabetes can cause difficulties during pregnancy such as a miscarriage or a baby born with birth defects. Women with diabetes are also more likely to have a heart attack, and at a younger age, than women without diabetes.

It was a marvelous sanitation week for Kampala!...It all started from 14th March in Nakawa Division to 18th March in Kawempe Division. NAWAD is proud to have been part of the sanitation celebrations! Good sanitation should be a continuous life style even after the celebrations!

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women” says Kofi Annan. We at NAWAD couldn’t say it any better than him.

Promoting economic empowerment of women is among NAWAD’s key objectives. In line with this, NAWAD works directly with women groups to empower them economically.

Women comprise of the majority of the population below the poverty line an often find themselves facing extreme poverty and social discrimination.

Director land management Sarah KulataNATIONS within the eastern and central African region have backed the proposal to empower women on land ownership with the aim of boosting economic development.

Uganda is hosting several African states which include Kenya, Tanzania Rwanda , Burundi, Malawi, Dijbuti, Namibia, Botswana, Ethiopia at Imperial Golf hotel Entebbe to share experiences over Land Policies Initiative (LPI) strategic plan.

The LPI initiative is a joint program of the tripartite consortium consisting of the African Union commission, African Development Bank and United Nations economic commission for Africa, with a purpose of enabling the use of land to spur development on the continent.

The programme is governed by a Steering Committee that meets periodically, while a joint secretariat implements day to day activities. The secretariat is assisted by an African Taskforce on Land.

It was established in 2006 with its headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The proposers argue that women in most African countries provide 80% of the land users in terms of labor compared to men, yet they don’t own land or co-own it with the men, rendering them disadvantaged.

In his opening remarks at the launch of the of the LPI strategic plan, the permanent secretary lands and housing ministry in a speech read by director land management Sarah Kulata said; "Women in Africa have weaker rights t to the land, they cultivate, besides they are denied land rights. This partly explains why Africa has higher rates of poverty."

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