National Association for Women’s Action in Development (NAWAD)

We are a voluntary non-governmental women’s organisation that was initiated by a group of women and legally registered in 2010 with the Ugandan NGO board (S. 5914/8366).

NAWAD is focused on the family and the crucial role women play in their families, their communities and the development of Uganda as a nation.  Our goal is to promote the fundamental human rights of women and young people especially in relation to sustainable management of the environment and natural resources, health, and economic security.  We recognize that there are a number of efforts addressing the challenges that confront women and young people; however,...


Empower women and girls to achieve social justice, economic stability and sustainable management of their environment through capacity building, research, advocacy, and service provision.


Peaceful families and communities where the fundamental human rights of women and girls including good health care, social and economic empowerment, and sustainable management of natural resource are recognized and respected.

Our Vision

A society where women and girls enjoy social, economic, and environmental justice

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Women2030 project


International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019




NAWAD Videos

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